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After being involved in a dangerous car accident, Jack Harper resolved to make sure that his daughter Melanie would still be able to live out a normal life. Jack dedicated all of his time and energy into Melanie’s rehabilitation to ensure the most positive outcome.  In a turn of events, Jack now has to train Melanie for the most extreme scenario: the fight for survival.     


What this means is that there will be placeholder effects and performance will drop more often. But rest assured that the game's core mechanics and features are present and are functional. If you like what you see, then consider donating to the project to support me and keep the project going strong!

Note: Any bugs or weird occurrences can be reported in the Bugs thread, thanks for your support! 

Feature List:

  • Basic Combat AI
  • 6 weapons currently available
  • Weapon and Character Upgrade system
  • Quicksilver mechanic - slow down time and deal extra damage
  • Dynamic Level Streaming
  • Mission Mode

Coming Soon:

  • New Enemies
  • New Bosses
  • Story Mode
  • More Weapons
  • Refined Character Upgrade system
  • New Levels


(Please review the README as these may be out of date)

(Keys are rebindable in the options menu)

Keyboard & Mouse:

  • WASD - Movement
  • Left Shift - Sprint
  • LMB - Attack
  • RMB - Lock-on
  • R - Reload
  • E - Interact
  • T - Flashlight
  • Left Ctrl - Crouch
  • Left Alt - Walk
  • F1 - Power 1
  • F2 - Power 2
  • F3 - Power 3
  • Q - Main Ability

Gamepad (X360/XB1 supported, Steam/DS4 results may vary)

  • RT - Fire
  • LT - Lock-on
  • X - Reload
  • A - Jump
  • Y - Interact
  • B (hold) - Crouch
  • Left stick - Movement
  • Left Stick Press - Sprint
  • Right stick - Camera
  • LB - Main Ability
  • RB - Power 1
  • D-pad Right - Power 2
  • D-Pad Left - Power 3


Brandon Jones - Game Design, Development and Audio

Sydney Flom - Art Lead and UI Design


Download NowName your own price

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Hell's Asylum for macOS 1 GB
Version 1
Hell's Asylum for Windows 1 GB
Version 6
Hell's Asylum for Linux 1 GB
Version 6
Hell’s Asylum (Archive version for Linux) 2 GB
Version 3
Hell’s Asylum (Archive version for Windows) 2 GB
Version 5
Hell’s Asylum (Archive version for macOS) 1 GB
Version 3

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